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Sincerely, Ayu

I woke up at a time, when there was no color and noise around me.

But I can see your light and whispers that lead me out of this alley.

I followed you far, then I stood at the end of this cliff. I was faced with the choice to drop myself from here, or return to my original state.

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I’m starting to get scared if that’s what you’re worried about. I ran, hiding, and assumed that this pain did not exist. Even though I ran carrying the burden of pain, which I wanted to get rid of long ago. Five years, and is currently on its way to six years. But I still cannot…

Too Much

I am here, in the same place every day.I absorb what happens, process it to the end.But, at this time everything is too much!Too much happened, too much that I could not process. Then I choose to stop, let go, and stop.I feel pain, I feel loss and I feel a deep sorrow.It felt like…

After You

At a time like this, when there is no inspiration for me to do anything, even to continue my breathing until the last second of the day, I will shout from across here and reach out to you. It only takes one or two words, and you will ask “What’s wrong?”. Then, life will flow…

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