Lesson learning from so called-never ending suffering

Sometimes, suffering cannot be described beautifully in words, it can only be explained with pictures full of wounds.

Then, give a description of “suffering”.

But what the eye can give is not the same as what words can offer.

Victor E. Frankl is indeed very good at wrapping his sad story in the form of words.

The words came out of his experiences, written every time he witnessed suffering and felt pain.

He also not only shows suffering, but also shows how suffering opens the way to find freedom from pain.

He showed how suffering formed hope.

That is the best lesson about suffering.

In the end, humans are indeed survivors! His ability to withstand even the most unfavorable circumstances is extraordinary!

Published by Ayu Frani

Hi !, Ayu is here! I am a passionate nurse who enjoys reading and writing in her spare time. Hit me on Mariafrani10@gmail.com

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